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The fine art of Cooking
Sports and Fitness

To make any phisycal activity is a gift for your body and your Health, sure, but it's also a gift for your soul.

You don't have to dedicate all your life to blindly follow the abstract concept of fitness, but you should take care of yourselves as much as you can, and see a good shape like a love you own to yourselves.

I am a professional Swimming Teacher after years passed in the pool, but I have practiced, I still, and I love so many other sports, and I dedicate generally at least one hour, daily, to fitness and gym.

This not really for looking better (althought this is what happens too) but cos it distress me out, and leaves my spirit clear and focused again.

So look aside, and find some interesting tips!

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Cooking was not a passion of mine until I met people who were interested in that.

I thought before that women shouldn't have been forced to consider their skills in the traditionalist (and blind) Italian way, namely the one of cooking, grown up babies, and for makin' it short to be the perfect housechief.

I was thinkin that women have so many skills beside that we shouldn't had to waste any time anymore behind the fires in the kitchen.

But I was wrong, exactly like those who think women cannot do anything BUT cooking.
They were two absurd extremes: and so for pleasing another's will I started to get into cooking.

Now I love it, I like to experiment, and I consider cooking a great way to be feminine too.But the pleasure of it belongs equally to male and female attitude and talents.

So look aside in the Recipes section, and enjoy

Last Update:
October 2004,In The Kitchen With Brent!!

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"Raitas", often served with "chatnis", never lack in any Moghul-styled kind of meal.
Their role is to refresh mouth and therefore to prepare people to main dishes.
This raita, based on spicy yoghurt and aubergines, is based on a classic Arabian and Middle-Eastern tradition.

500 gr of long aubergines,
250 gr of thick yoghurt,
1 little spoon of ginger
1 green pepper sliced
1 minced onion
toasted coriander seeds,
fresh minced coriander,
half little spoon of salt

hole with a pin the aubergines, and pass them in the oven at 180° till they'll be well cooked, and let them dry up. shed the youghurt in a recipe, and put in and melt with the salt, ginger, the green pepper, onion and the coriander seeds, alongside half of the fresh coriander in.
Clean the aubergines, mash them down till they become a purée, and mix the sauce with the yoghurt.
To complete, put over the sauce the remained fresh coriander and there you'll have your raita.