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The benefits of a serious Daily Gym Activity
In the following pages I'll introduce you to a basic gym plan you could practice everyday, alos in your house.

Give yourself just an hour and in a short time you will feel fitter, see yourself in a better shape, but moreover you're gonna be more satisfied of yourself and more ready to appreciate all around you.

Your pneumas will work better, your heart will be stronger, and your skill of focusing will increase.

It's just one hour, and you can do this even when watching tv: so COME ON! Let's start...

Important notice:
You have never to undervalue , not even in what might seem an easy gym plan to practice in your own room, to test your physical conditions before getting started: you have to learn to get warmened your muscles before starting, and always take care about the chilling phase when you end the training, always, and before to take a resting shower.

If you feel your breathing gets heavier in a strange way, or if you feel sudden aches in the chest or near to appendix site, well, stop immediatly the training and check out a doctor; always remember that if you are not trained the muscled put in tensions will ache a bit (or more than a bit) especially at the starting:this will cease after you'll get trained.

And then, the last but most important thing: you have to make all this firstly cos you like it . It's not a competition, it's just a way to live better, and maybe even longer.
Have Fun!

Have some Gym Stories to tell? Mail 'em to me!