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Rice with Ananas

Ingredients for 4 people

300g. of rice Basmati

2 slices of Ananas

1 mango

1/2 onion

1/2 red pepper

50g of little grapes

30g of pine kernels

30g of toasted almonds

lemon juice

4 oil spoons

a little pinch of chili pepper powderif you like

You slice and melt totally the onion, pine kernels and almonds.

Brown a bit on both sides the Ananas slices.

Cut in little cubes mango,pepper and the ananas itself, and put for one minute in boiling water the little grapes, then dry it up.

Put everything together and add lemon juice,oil and chili pepper by your own taste.

Get the Basmati rice ready and mix it up with the "sauce".
It will be perfect with the any pork meat especially.


Rice with Ananas
  Tastey Pork Fillet
Ingredients for 4 people

2 fillets of pork

100gr. of Praga's ham sliced

200gr. of Emmenthal cheese

200 ml. of white wine


5 pieces of garlic

2 oil spoons

50 gr. of butter

salt and pepper

Let the oil and the butter warmeningin a oven platform.

Brown the pork fillets over all their sides thenn let them get a bit lukewarm.

Put the oven up to 200C; and slice the cheese really thin.

Slice the fillets on their bias several times and put in each one of them a bit of ham and cheese.

Pour the wine down around the meat and add the pieces of garlic pressed but not cleared by their leaves and add also aboundantly the sage.

Get it salty and pepperish, then cook it all for 30 minutes.

Rich Choco Tureen
Ingredients for 10 people


150 gr ofextra bitter chocolat

20gr of butter

50 ml of liquid whipped cream

1 spoon of Brandy

1 egg


Like above, just in the place of bitter chocolat,200gr of sweet chocolat instead.


200gr of white chocolat

100gr of almond nougat sliced and broken

Again same other ingredients

Separatedly, cooking in a double saucepan,let melt the three types of chocolate with butter and whipped cream.

Out of flame then, add the Brandy and the egg's yolks.

Whip albumens well,then add them too.

Have some plumcakes stamp ready, put the oven paper on them and first of all fill one with the bitter mousse, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes so it will get solid.

Cover with one third of the broken/melted nougat and pour down the second mousse, and again repeat the 30 minutes process for get all newly solid.

Repeat the work with the nougat and pour it over the third mousse, then again in the fridge;let all stays in the fridge for some hours now and before put it on the table and all, put it over the cake the last third of the nougat.


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Tastey Pork Fillet

Rich Choco Tureen