3 Typical Italian Pasta
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3 Typical Italian Pasta

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Tomato Naples Sauce: the "Pummarola"


For 4 Persons

500 gr of tomatoes for sauce

1 clove, 1/2 onion,1 little carrot, 1 celery piece,a bit of parsley,some basil;

20 gr.of oil (two spoons)

pepper, salt and a minimum bit of sugar

Clean up carrot,celery onion and parseley and mince everything really thin. Put tomatoes under water and without takin' the skin out from them take off the seeds indeed, and then cut them in not so little pieces.Put on a medium fire the oil in a casserol and as soon as it's burning, add the minced vegetables; when they will be enough coloured, add the tomatoes as well, and when you'll see tomatoes starting to melt, add the clove and the basil. Finally add the salt (depending on personal taste, Italian use it enough) and a little bit of pepper or chili pepper, and a minuscle amount of sugar for fighting the acid of tomatoes.Once the sauce will result to be cooked enough and all mixed up, light off the fire and by using a vegetable mill make it perfectly liquid.

Now put it over every kind of pasta, that's "pummarola" in the great Naples sincere tradition!


The pics aside shows the results you should obtain (if I am able to, everyone is!!): remember that the tomato Sauce can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days if you like and it still really tastey, so my advice is to prepare more of it and use it for several days.It's also healthy and not fatty recipe

Pomarola Sauce
  Amatriciana Sauce for Amatrician Pasta


For 4 persons:

100 gr of beef "pillow" or as well of bacon cut in little dices,

100 gr of firm pulp of tomatoes,

some onion pieces

a chili pepper,

salt, oil

Put on fire in a casserol a spoon of oil and when it will be hot, add the bacon or better the beef "pillow" to; let it get colored and cooked, at medium fire, constantly using a wood spoon for turning everything avoiding the meat to attach .When the dices will be totally and well coloured, then take it out from the cooking taking care of make them lose the oil and the liquid fat, which will stay in the casserol. Put then in the cassserol with the oil and the fat the onion and the chili pepper minced really thin, and when it starts to get coloured, add the tomatoes too.As soon as the mixture is starting to be totally melted and almost cooked, put in again the beef or bacon, for just a minute or two, at light fire this time.
For a better result, you should add as well at that point the pasta you will have cooked separatedly in another recipient, for having in the casserol the last minute of cooking.
Amatrice is a little town near to Roma where this recipe was created Centuries ago: to make it following the traditional way to make it distinguish the gourmets by those who are not so.

Amatriciana Sauce
  The Carbonara Sauce: easy, fast and.. yellow!


For 4 people:

100 gr of bacon

50 gr of grated Parmisan

4 eggs

Oil, pepper, salt

Brown the bacon, previously cut in pieces, in a casserol with some oil.

Put in a tureen three yolks and the entire of the last egg and beat them strongly; cook spaghetti of a big size aside.

Put the spaghetti already cooked in the tureen you are gonna to prese3nt the recipe in, and put over the brown bacon and finally put it over the beated eggs sauce, the Parmisan cheese and really fastly mix it all up:The Carbonara is ready to be put on table!

Carbonara Sauce