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Almond Cream Recipe

Preparation and Cooking Time

10 minutes for making ingredients ready to melt;

40 minutes for cooking;

Medium level of difficulties


use fresh ingredients!
2 eggs and 4 yolks; 80 gr of sugar; one spoon of flour; 100 gr. of almonds powdered; 50 cl of milk; 1 spoon of vanilla, butter, fine melting sugar.

Put the eggs in a caserol and melt them with sugar,
whipping them with the flour and the almonds, and let the mix looking smooth and soft.

With little joint every time, add while keeping on melting and whipping the milk -which you had previously warmened- and the vanilla.

Immerse the caserol into another one filled with hot water and steam everything, keeping on melting , until it will be tense and creamy.

Spill the mix in a buttered mould, cover all with a little rain of melted sugar and put in the oven at 180C for 30/35 minutes

Bring it on the table when it's lukewarm, with little bisquits preferably made with vanilla.