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Best Pleasure after.. or not? sex!
Chocolate, the thing which is said to cause the same production of endorphinas a good session of sexual displaying could...
Well, if this is a promise, let's make this deal: I'll eat chocolate, then burn its calories making sex, then eat again chocolate, to still make comparisons.. and again, again.. again...
What a great way to live life that would be!

Whit flavours of ylang ylang...
Italians-unlike what you may think- doesn't consume that much of chocolate, but they are very demanding.
Their chocolate has to be the finest quality for them has to be the best note on the product.
Lately, a new trend settled is to have very peculiar flavour added to chocolate, like ylang ylang tea or saffron...
Still, the best pleasure for everyone is the 805 minimum black chocolate, shortly followed by the sweet Milk chocolate.
If you love chocolate, and you love Italy, then remember that every September/October in Perugia there's the European Festival of Chocolate.
After that one, in Paris, lovers of the Black Tastey Barrels will find their pleasures again renewed.
In Chocos, Veritas!